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About Me

About Me

I’m Ashley, a mama of three, step-mom of two, and a nutrition health coach.

After birthing three children (including a set of giant twins), I have been working hard to keep my body healthy, my mind sound and my soul nourished.  The twins shook my foundation, taking such a toll on my body, and my sense of self.  I struggle(d) with diastasis recti—a separation of the abdominal wall—but have worked hard to learn to love my stomach again in its new form and reconnect with my core. I don’t always find the time to shower, never pee alone, I eat standing up, and I can’t remember the last time I read a good book.  I love my boys and want to be the healthiest mom I can be.  I love lifting heavy things. I wish I liked yoga more. My seven year old says I’m a good “cooker.” And, like all moms, I wish there were more hours in a day. I am a certified nutrition health coach, and in my spare time (laugh), I sleep.

My mission is to help moms regain their strength, health and confidence.  Let’s get real, it isn’t easy to prioritize yourself after you become a mother.  You are too busy loving everyone else.  It is hard to make healthy eating choices when you are exhausted, and it is even harder to find motivation to exercise.  After the birth of my first son, my body bounced back right away.  I looked better than ever.  But the birth of my twins was an entirely different story and it threw me for a loop.  My stomach was stretched to the max, and while I was so proud of my body for carrying these beautiful babies to term, I was frustrated that my post-birth body didn’t look the way I wanted.  The journey to regain my health and strength has taken longer than expected, and it has been an emotional ride.  This is what spurred me to create this site.   My journey has taught me that I can…you can…we can be healthy and strong, and make time for us.

Motherhood makes us stronger than we ever thought possible. 

Harness your strength. Prioritize you.  After all, a lot of people depend on you!