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  • The Shake-Up: Dr. Kelly

      Dr. Kelly Lamoreaux wears many hats–both literally and figuratively.  She balances a dental practice, the challenges of raising four kids, and in her spare time (laugh), she is helping inspire and educate women in the postpartum fitness arena. Her smile is perfect–duh, her cool hats are her hallmark, and her messaging to her followers is one of both self-acceptance with a […]

  • Diastasis Recti
  • Spoiler alert…your low-belly pooch may not be fat

    What if I told you that the little pooch you keep trying to “crunch away” was actually a displacement of intra-abdominal pressure? Don’t know what I mean?  Watch this quick video on our body’s pressure system by renowned physical therapist Julie Wiebe. Women are notorious “sucker inners”.   Watch this.  We want to fit in […]

  • Diastasis Recti
  • The Shake Up–Brianna Battles: Pregnancy is Temporary. Postpartum is Forever.

    When Brianna Battles, a highly qualified strength and conditioning coach with a Master’s Degree in Coaching, birthed her firstborn, she expected to bounce back quickly.  After all, she had been lifting weights and exercising routinely throughout her entire pregnancy. She understood body mechanics, had solid form, and like many athletes, she had the ability to […]