Train with Ashley!

Come train with me!!

I’ve partnered with PlayBook App to bring you super detailed training and nutrition guidance designed for moms who want to strengthen their body safely and effectively, but still get their sweat on.  Workouts are designed with the special needs of moms in mind.  While the workouts are total body, the focus is to heal and strengthen your core, improve your diastasis recti, and get you not only a flatter tummy but a more functional body.

Pregnancy takes its toll on the body.  Approximately 1 out of 2 women experience long-lasting “side effects” from their pregnancy and birth.  And yet, there is such little information out there on how to heal.

My Playbook App program offers two programs to meet you where you are at in your postpartum journey.  Core Basics focuses on strategies for early healing, helping you reconnect with your core, gradually and safely.  I also highly recommend working with a pelvic floor physical therapist if you are in the early phase of healing.

The piece I am MOST EXCITED, like literally on the edge of my chair, is the Strong Like a Mother Program.  This program is a day-by-day workout guide!! It is the “What’s Next” piece that I feel is missing for so many mamas who have worked to improve their core strength but aren’t sure what to do now. Workouts can be done at home with minimal equipment, or at the gym. Three cheers for nap time workouts.

Plus, there is a Bonus Core section where you can find quick core strengthener workouts all under 15 minutes.

What you can expect to find on the App:

  • Exercises to help you reconnect with your core postpartum (important if you are six weeks or 60 years postpartum—because postpartum is forever!)
  • Core Basics —Five levels of restorative core exercises that can be done at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home, and all under 15 minutes.
  • A “What’s Next” program—Strong Like A Mother—to help you get super active like you once were, or want to be, while still being mindful of your core and pelvic floor.

The reason I partnered with PlayBook is that I wanted something SUPER affordable for you guys.  I toggled for a long time on how to best get my programming out there.  So many women reach out to me but just can’t afford individualized coaching (which YES, I will still be doing). And while this doesn’t allow me to assess and progress you on an individualized basis, it does give me a tool to get pretty darn close!

You can try it for FREE for 7 days: $14.99/monthly; $99/annually ($8.25/mo.).

Click here to get started.