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Health Coaching

Are you done with fad diets and interested in making life-long changes that will stick, and significantly benefit your health?  Do you want to lose that baby weight now that your baby is six months, a year, fifteen?  Are you interested in learning to nourish yourself during pregnancy and while breastfeeding? Do you want to improve your energy, and live your life to the fullest?  Heck yeah you do! I’m here to help mothers–new and not so new–learn how to take control of their health.

Nutrition and fitness are my passion.  There is so much information and misinformation out there today that navigating the path to health can be completely overwhelming.  I get it.  As a mother of three and step-mother to two, I know it is hard to find the time for yourself.  The very nature of motherhood is such that there aren’t enough minutes in the day.  As a health coach, it is my job is to help you discover the path to a healthier you, and this means going beyond simply  teaching you what you and should and shouldn’t eat.  It means helping you discover the root of your struggles, and finding what is truly holding you back from your goals.

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