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Healing DR: Activities of Daily Living

When I first went to physical therapy for my diastasis recti after my twins, I expected to learn exercises to help close the gap and get rid of that postpartum and still very pregnant-looking mommy tummy. Exercise was my thing.  I could do that.  And indeed, I was given awesome rehab exercises, but I was super surprised to learn that the way I carried myself–my alignment–and how I moved throughout the day was preventing me from healing my core.  With the help of an awesome physical therapist, Diana Fassett at Success Physical Therapy, I learned how to better move my body.  Together, we created these videos to help you improve your diastasis recti and help heal your transverse abdominis muscles.  Please let us know if you have questions.  We are here to help!

Getting in and out of bed

Sounds simple, but chances are you jackknife yourself out of bed.  Nope.  You have to roll to your side.  Here’s how to do it.


Car Seat Management:

Hunching over the car with little base support and arching our back to lift the car seat out seems to be the status quo.  Buck the system.  Use your leg or knee to rest on the seat, widening your base of support.  Lift the seat using your arms and not your hip/back. Check it out:


Getting in and out of chair with baby:

If you are like me, you just flop down, and slump your back because you’ve been standing all dang day and want to sit for a minute.  Here is how to do it the right way…you have to stagger your feet and then scooch your way back to a comfortable spot.  Takes a little more energy, but it saves your midsection.


Putting baby on the floor and picking baby up:

Again, it is so much quicker to just bend at the waist to put the baby down on the floor.  This puts pressure on that abdominal wall.  Stagger that stance, drop to one knee and place a hand on the ground.  The more body parts you have touching the floor, the better your base of support, and the lesser the pressure on your abdominal wall.



Counter Cleaning

Lord knows there are no shortage of kitchen duty for us moms.  Save your core with this easy tip:


Kitchen Duty–Washing dishes

Again, this simple tip takes some pressure off your low back and core while we all do the thing we love the most…DISHES!