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6 Levels

Core Basics

Let’s go beyond the basics of heel taps and pelvic tilits. This program is intended to get you back into higher level of fitness keeping in mind the special considerations of the postpartum body (and postpartum is forever, ladies!). Total body workouts are quick, effective, and all centered around building strength in you pelvic floor and core, flattening your tummy, reducing back pain, and getting you feeling strong as a mother!

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Core Basics Overview

15 minute workouts to help you reestablish mind-muscle connection with your deep core and pelvic floor.

Program equipment

Getting the right the equipment is made easy. Check out ashley’s recommendations to make the most of your workouts.

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Who can benefit from this program?

Any human!  Fitness gurus and beginners alike need to learn the basics! The program is designed to teach you how to manage your intra-abdominal pressure during exercise, and through activities of daily living. Level 1 is very basic and gentle movements. By the time you’ve progressed to Level 6, you have a solid understanding of core breathing and pressure management within exercise. After you’ve mastered the six levels, you are ready for the Strong Like a Mother Program (SLAM)!!

Do I have to do Core Basics before doing SLAM?

YES! I ask that everyone work their way through Core Basics before starting SLAM, regardless of past athleticism or fitness level. Core Basics is a foundational program. It is imperative to lay a solid foundation before taking on an intense program like SLAM.  Your “house” is only as strong as the foundation.

How do I know which level to start with?

Start from the beginning. If the movements feel easy and you are making the connections, you can progress. The program is designed to go at your own pace. Please refer to the program guide for signs and symptoms for which to watch.

Is it too late? I had my baby X number of years ago...

No! It is never too late. Postpartum is forever. Whether you are six weeks or 16 years postpartum, you can benefit from this program.

What equipment do I need?

 long resistance band, the big ball, the Pilates Ball, and the mini band loops) You find them CLICK HERE

How long are the workouts?

The workouts are between 10 and 15 minutes.

How often should I do these exercises?

Aiming for 5 days a week is a great goal.

Will these exercises heal my prolapse and/or diastasis recti?

I recommend that every woman go see a pelvic floor physical therapist. While this program is intended to help improve your core and pelvic floor, it is a one-size-fits all program. Seeing a pelvic floor physical therapist to assess your unique and individual needs is a great addition to this, or any other fitness program.

Is this program safe for pregnancy?

While these exercises are safe for most who are pregnant, it is always recommended to check with your doctor. Also, please refer to the pregnancy guide (coming March 2020).

Is this program safe while breastfeeding?

Yes. There are a couple important things to keep in mind. 1) Your body is still producing relaxin, a hormone that increases ligament laxity and can make you more prone to injury. Be extra cautious and mindful as you work through the program. 2) You need to ensure that you are getting adequate nutrition so that it does not affect your milk supply. Drink plenty of water and eat lots of Whole Foods.  Final note–you may notice more changes in your healing within a few months of weaning when your hormones regulate again. That said, enjoy this special time. It goes quickly in the grand scheme.

What people say about me

getting stronger can feel my core better. Still very slow but progress has been made. Hoping soon to move into basic #4. This program has been great. At the moment I cannot afford to see a pelvic PT but with this program and some Instagram I’m able to work on my core and pelvic floor. I hope one day PT becomes a part of postpartum care. I am a twin mom x2 and 3 more besides and for the first time in a long time or maybe ever I feel like my car is a strong and I can only imagine when it actually gets strong when I can do your Instagram exercises.


Keth C

Core Basics | Level 3

Lovin this! I’m just in the core basics, but on this first real day of spring in New England, I went for a run (NO LEAKS!) and then did this workout. Love the motivation at the end, and this resource to keep me going now that I’m done with PT 🙂



Core Basics | Level 4

I am loving this! I had a bad back before having kids, then my core was out of shape after 3 kids in 5 years in my late 30’s. I feel like this was the perfect first steps into getting back into full body strong!



Core Basics: Level 4

And PS: I LOVE your workouts and tell all my friends to check you out! It’s taken me a long time to find a trainer that kicks my butt and considers/improves my diastasis. Most “mom” workouts are so boring! Your’s are not! Thank you!



Core Basics: Level 5

Your cues are BOMB. Just when | start to to fade, you give a tip that brings all the engagement back! I’m sweating…is that crazy?



Core Basics: Level 3