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  • What’s the Word: Turkey Labeling…It’s More complicated than your family relationships.

      You are a good person.   It is important to you that your Thanksgiving Day turkey lived a good, quality life.  You want to know that your turkey spent its days running free, eating the greenest of grass, while clucking to and fro. Yes, and so you do what any compassionate person would do, and drive your […]

  • Nutrition
  • What’s the Word: Greek Yogurt–Is your breakfast setting you up to fail?

    As a nutrition coach, I take note of what my clients are eating, so that we can work together to improve their health through better food choices.  I’m not exaggerating when I say nearly everyone with whom I work proudly states that they start their day off with a Greek yogurt and granola.  Greek yogurt is […]

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  • We all suck at 2 PM: Beat the late afternoon energy slump with these 8 tips and 20 snack ideas

    TRAIN WITH ME!! Click here.   You wake up with the best intentions. You start the day off right with some scrambled eggs and veggies. “Yeah. Let’s do this,” you say. You eat that mid-morning snack of cottage cheese. “Oh yeah, on target!” You are kicking ass at work…be it at the office, or in […]