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Home Gym Equipment Needed for Playbook App!

I recently joined the Playbook App as a way to AFFORDABLY get my programming and nutrition coaching out to more mamas. Over the past three years, I’ve had numerous women reach out to me seeking help in strengthening their core and total body. But not everyone has the time or resources for individual coaching. In comes the Playbook App. This awesome tool allows me the platform to give you daily coaching and core strengthening exercises to help the postpartum mom. The workouts focus on rebuilding your postpartum core, be it six months or sixty years postpartum. Workouts can be done at home with minimal equipment. Here is what you are going to need!


Resistance Bands Exercise Loops 

 Long Resistance Bands 





Pilates Ball


Exercise Ball

A kettlebell isn’t a necessity, but it is a great home gym addition.

This is also super handy to go with your long resistance band loops if you don’t have something sturdy to loop it to.  

Foam Door Anchor

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  1. Gina says: Reply

    Do you need all four of the long resistance bands?

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