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Shoulder Workout with a Dose of Cardio

Strong, healthy shoulders are a must. Try this 20-minute circuit workout that includes a strength movement immediately followed by a cardio accelerator to keep your heart rate up and burn more calories through metabolic conditioning. All you need are dumbbells and your own awesome body.
Do this workout 3-4 times through. Rest for 30 seconds to 1 minute between rounds.
1. Seated Shoulder Press x 20 Reps
2. Bench Jumps (60 Seconds)
3. Shoulder Raises x 20 Reps (10 each side)
4. Skater Lunges (60 Seconds)
5. Plate Raises x 20 reps
6. Bench Burpee Squats (60 seconds)
7. Side Lunge with Pull x 20 Reps


Remember to engage your core when doing these movements. And if you have any stress incontinence from the jumps, sub with one-legged step ups.

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