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Thigh gaps, ab cracks, body dysmorphia…oh my!

I didn’t know I was so cutting edge until I received an email from my pelvic floor physical therapist a couple months ago. Her message simply said, “More education to be done apparently.” The attached article was from The Daily Mail, a well-known UK publication, and it detailed the latest body trend for women. Are you ready? Wait for it. You’ll never guess. THE AB CRACK! The article read, “Are ‘ab cracks’ the new thigh gap.” I could probably end this post right here by simply saying, “WTF!” Mic drop and I’m out.  And while that might feel sufficient and accurately summarize any normal person’s reaction to such an absurd ideal of the female body, I just can’t leave it there.


Now let’s ab-crackstart with the most basic question: what is an ab crack? You can check out the article here to see many-a-crack, or just know it is the line in the middle of the “six pack” (formally known as the rectus abdominis).


Fingers in my ab crack!

I know, I know. Stop raising your hand. I’m going there next. You want to know how you, too, can get an ab crack. You have a few options, ladies. You can eat air for six square meals a day, but remember to keep your portions respectable. Too much and you will bloat like a balloon. Then who will love you? You can also spend hours in the gym staring in the various mirrors as you plank. Or…you can have large twins and then you have a crack that crushes all other cracks. Can these women stick their fingers and touch their intestines? No. They have loser cracks.


On a more serious note, I’m not dissing those with an ab crack. Really. If you have one, and you are healthy, good for you. You are certainly in the minority. And therein lies the problem. Setting an ideal that is achievable for only a few sets our girls up for an unhealthy relationship with food and an unhealthy relationship with her body. As women, we come in all shapes and sizes and we should be celebrated as such.  An ab crack would require obscenely low body fat, insane genetics, and likely some unhealthy lifestyle choices.  I’d like to know how these ab-crack baring women get that “crack” definition without developing the other muscles in their rectus abdominis. Oh, wait. Yes, I bet these cover models and Instagram selfies are a product of lighting, makeup and Photoshop, creating an unrealistic standard of beauty that is downright ridiculous.  With that, I’m full circle and back to the WTF?!

We have such a false and superficial appreciation of the female body. Our bodies are amazing. Give yourself a break. Not a crack.



Coincidentally holding a Band-Aid as I show off my crack.
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