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Healing Diastasis Recti: Activities of Daily Living–Getting Up and Down

It’s that time.  I know you’ve been holding your breath (don’t do that…you shouldn’t hold your breath when activating your transverse abdominis).  Here is the next installment in partnership with Success Physical Therapy on how to better move throughout the day to improve diastasis recti and alleviate back problems while pregnant and postpartum.

Because I’m a twin mom, I’m going to give it to you other moms of multiples straight.  These moves are harder to abide by because you don’t have a free arm.  I literally felt like a T-Rex for two years postpartum. You want to turn on the light switch?  Ha.  Good luck. You have to bend down and scooch close to the light switch and do a weird hand jerk, a quite prayer, and hope you hit it.  I cussed a lot my first year.  So, twin moms, I’m sorry, my advice isn’t quite as plentiful here.  Still, these are great to keep in mind when trying to heal your diastasis recti.  Posture is such a big deal in the healing process, and when we are tired (which is always) our posture goes next-level awful.  What I’m trying to say, is you aren’t going to get up and down and in and out of bed like this every time.  Just strive for better.  It is so important in the healing process and great habits to form.



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