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Quick, Healthy Fish Sticks with Garlic Aioli

These fish sticks are SO quick and SO easy to make.  This is one of my favorite “Oh crap, I guess I need to feed my family, but I don’t wanna” dinners.  These paleo, gluten-free fish sticks are simple, yet packed with flavor.   I buy the individual frozen wild cod from Costco and always keep it on-hand.  You can defrost the fish in like ten minutes and this meal cooks in about 8 minutes.  See, you totally have your crap together!



White Fish, 4 fillets (I use cod)

Coconut Flour, 1.5 cups (Almond flour works great, too)

Garlic spice, 1 tbsp.

Onion spice, 1 tbsp.



Eggs, 2

Oil, ¼ cup (Grapeseed, Coconut, or Olive. I like Grapeseed for frying)



Cut fish into strips. Whisk eggs in medium-sized bowl. Using a large plate or cookie sheet, mix the coconut flour with the spices. Place oil in frying pan and heat. Dip fish into egg then immediately into the flour mix. Throw in the frying pan. Cook until crust is brown and then flip (about 3 minutes each side). The fish sticks are done when tender and easily break.


The kids like to dip it in ketchup. My husband and I like this super easy garlic aioli sauce.


Mayonnaise (I like this brand), ¼ cup

Garlic, 1 clove

Lemon juice, 1 tbsp.

Salt, to taste


Dice the garlic and mix everything together. We also use this sauce for roasted brussel sprouts.  I was inspired to create this combo from a bomb-diggity food truck in Austin, TX.  I will post that recipe soon.



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