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New Years Resolutions

New Years Resolutions 1

What better time to officially launch my new business than the New Year, right?  Right!

I have been meaning to kick-start this website for months!  I have so much passion for nutrition and the psychology of eating–and well…just eating.   I am dedicating myself, here and now, to help women find their inner strength, and to understand that food changes everything.  FOOD CHANGES EVERYTHING.  You will feel infinitely better if you feed your body the things it truly craves.  But change is hard.  Change is scary.  We all have long-standing habits that are hard to break.  We have emotional roadblocks programmed from long ago that bludgeon our minds with “what if.”  We fear the unfamiliar.  We falter when faced with new possibilities.

I thought of a million reasons not to take the plunge and launch this business.  I don’t have time.  How will I reach people? My photos make the delicious food I cook look like dog poop.  I could go on and on.  There are a million reasons I don’t want to do this.  The thought of failure is scary.  The old cliche is true though.  You only fail if you don’t try.

Resolutions set us up for failure.  We come in to the New Year with good intentions.  But stop and think about it.  You are committing yourself to a new habit forever.  It feels daunting.  Let’s start smaller.  One step at a time will lead us to our destination.  You don’t need to start the new year only drinking detox teas or doing a juice cleanse.  Your body will hate you.  Your taste buds will hate you. You will hate you, because you won’t succeed.  Change will not last.  Let’s start by simply eating real food.  With a little knowledge and motivation you will see that it is easy and tasty!

I am taking the leap.  Take the leap with me.  Let’s not resolve ourselves to change forever.  Let’s change today.  Tomorrow will come.  We got this!

Here is to perfectly imperfect!


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5 Comment

  1. Nicole says: Reply

    So excited that you’re sharing your hard earned wisdom with the world! Look forward to reading what’s to come.

  2. jenny tatum says: Reply

    Yay! I’m so proud of you! This website is beautiful….the food photos are gorgeous, family pics are adorable. Can’t wait to read about some motivating excercise moves to get me moving!!

    1. Thanks, Jenny.

  3. Diana Figueroa says: Reply

    This is wonderful! I am enjoying reading your blogs! Thank you for sharing your stories, enthusiasm and wisdom with us! You truly are an inspiration!

    1. So, thoughtful, Diana. I appreciate it!

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